Aside from all the video editing I do professionally, I also create content from my YouTube channel, MoExplores and daily vlog with my fiancé on our shared channel, Candid Calderons.

I've been a creator on YouTube since 2010 and across various different channels. Recently, I decided to focus all my efforts into one lifestyle, beauty and DIY channel. In my free time I post helpful, fun and engaging content!

Long story, short -- I discovered the magic of YouTube in 2009 when I moved to a new state for college. Through this platform I kept in touch with my best friend from back home (really inefficient, but we that), forged new friendships and discovered two of my greatest passions -- Harry Potter conventions and short-form video creation. 

As a professional video editor and YouTuber, my heart was and still is always all-in for anything YouTube! Despite the fact that I spend majority of my days editing videos for others, I still have a huge passion for creating my own creative and helpful content. 

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