I assist YouTubers & bloggers create kick-ass content!

While most people hate the editing process I love using my skills to bring stories to life! I specialize in editing videos optimized for YouTube and social media platforms.

I love helping quirky + creative bloggers, vloggers and small biz owners stay on top of their YouTube channel while still maintaining their content's quality and brand style. 




about mo

Hi! I'm Mo. Official digital media human. I edit videos for YouTube, help out bloggers and podcasters because well...I love it. 

I graduated from the University of Arizona with my degree in Broadcast TV / Journalism. During my time in school I quickly learned that news life was not for me and I spent most of my college internships in television and radio production rooms.

I love video. Really, really LOVE video. If you want to get into the nitty gritty, I adore YouTube video. The platform means so much to me on a personal level and I love being able to work with people who have found passion and joy in it too. 

I've worked with PBS, ABC and NPR stations, private companies in the automotive and fashion industry as well as numerous vloggers, photographers and entrepreneurs. 


Aside from all the video editing I do professionally, I also create content from my YouTube channel, MoExplores and (semi)daily vlog with my husband, Brandon, on our shared channel, Candid Calderons.

I've been a creator on YouTube since 2010 and across various different channels. Recently, I decided to focus all my efforts into one DIY, productivity + lifestyle channel. In my free time I post helpful, fun and engaging content!

Outside of my video-world I spend lots of time with Brandon, our Shiba Inu, Solo, and Cat (he's a cat, if you haven't guessed). Our home is decked out with all-things Harry Potter, Star Wars and Game of Thrones. We ride skateboards when it's cool, drink cold beers when it's hot and #eateverythingalways

As a professional video editor and YouTuber, my heart was and still is always all-in for anything YouTube! Despite the fact that I spend majority of my days editing videos for others, I still have a huge passion for creating my own creative and helpful content. 

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I love connecting with like-minded creatives on social media! I love YouTube, but Instagram stories and Twitter are my next faves!

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